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                  Our Philosophy

At Age-Well llc, we specialize in supporting older adults and their families in an integrative,  holistic manner. We start with the unique history, needs and preferences of each individual and family which then guides us to an array of community resources and services to choose from. 

We will work with you and your family to determine goals, identify challenges, build consensus and create an action plan tailored to meet your lifestyle preferences. We have many resources to share, working with a variety of specialized professionals to support the diverse needs of older adults from many different walks of life.

Operating from a strengths-based philosophy of integrated health and wellness, we go above and beyond the standard medical model, looking at the whole person with consideration for historical preferences rather than only focusing on a current physical illness or disability.

Everybody deserves equal access to the joyful aspects of life. We would like to help open up the doors to choice and happiness, respecting what is meaningful and important to each individual.  We are here to help you to make the most of life and to honor your personal legacy. Let us support you in your life journey to "Age Well".

Image by Christian Bowen
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